Goin' Viral

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"Goin' Viral" is a cut song from Dear Evan Hansen. This song would have taken place after Connor Murphy steals Evan's letter. Instead, there is a short scene of Evan and Jared virtually, and Jared simply states "He's going to ruin your life with it. I mean, I would."


Now there’s a lotta stupid s**t that hits the internet
But if it’s funny or embarrassing then you can bet
It goes viral
That s**t goes viral
Ooh whoa-oh
Ooh whoa-oh

When a cat plays piano or a fat girl falls
Then your friends are gonna share it on their Facebook walls
And it’s viral
F**kin’ viral
Ooh whoa-oh
Ooh whoa-oh

Once your letter first gets tweeted
That s**t never gets deleted
One kid clicks
Then two
Then six
And oh, you know

It’s goin’ viral
You’ll be an internet celebrity
'Cause it’ll spread like f**king HPV
Now everybody knows your s**t
It’s goin’ viral
You’ll be the poster boy for "gay and lame"
So either kill yourself or change your name
Cause it’s goin’ viral

You’ll see it blowin’ up on YouTube like a hip-hop song
And every soccer mom in Omaha will sing along
Cause it’s viral
It’s v-v-v-v-v-v-v-v-viral
Ooh whoa-oh
Ooh whoa-oh

Trust me, dude, that s**t will linger
Worse than "Charlie Bit My Finger"
Just sit back and watch this f**ker

Oh! It’s goin’ viral
You’re poppin’ up on every laptop screen
And kids’ll dress like you for Halloween
Khakis and those f**king shoes
It’s goin’ viral, viral
I’ll get to say I knew the YouTube star
That people laugh about in Kandahar
Cause it’s goin’ viral

It’s worse every day
It’s never ending
You flee to Bombay
And still, you’re trending
You climb a mountain and you find a guru
And he promises that you’ll be a new you
But one night lying in your bunk
You lock eyes with another monk
He looks at you with piercing eyes
And then you see him recognize
You wonder what he’s gonna do
He calls the gurus in with you
He pulls his phone out and it’s back again

"Dear Evan Hansen, it turns out that I’m a huge loser and my life is an unforgiving nightmare that will seemingly never end!"

That shit went viral
It's like a cyber-hell you can't escape
Where every gang is up for cyber rape
Your life's gonna spiral

When this goes viral
You are f**ked! (Viral!)

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