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Rachel Bay Jones as Heidi Hansen

Heidi Hansen is Evan’s mother. She was portrayed by Rachel Bay Jones in the original Broadway cast.

Heidi was divorced by her husband, Mark Hansen, when Evan was seven. It was noted in the novel version of Dear Evan Hansen that she started dating Mark Hansen when they were in high school. Heidi does not take the divorce well, and Evan even says that "sometimes I feel like my mom works so hard just so she can hold up an invisible cross-country middle finger to her younger replacement" (referring to Mark's new wife in Colorado).

Heidi takes night classes on Sunday nights in addition to being a committed nurse at the hospital she works at. Heidi tells her son, Evan, that she works so hard for the hospital because her employers announced that they would be making budget cuts soon, and she wants to show that she is a 'team player'. Her heavy commitment to work and class is what drives her away from Evan, causing him to get angry at her for never being around. Although she has a very packed schedule, Heidi tries her hardest to have a good relationship.