Jared is a character that appears in the musical Dear Evan Hansen. He is the protagonist's (Evan's) self-proclaimed "family friend". He is played by Will Roland in the original production of Dear Evan Hansen.

Jared's Appearance Edit

He has short brown hair and tortoiseshell glasses. His original actor, Will Roland, stands at 5'7 feet tall. His most well-known outfit is a red denim jacket, jeans, and a gray shirt. He has blue eyes and sometimes portrayed with a tooth gap.

Personality Edit

Jared is the rude, sarcastic, and slightly inappropriate "family friend" of Evan Hansen. Jared is mean and brushes off Evan throughout the musical. Jared is very insecure but hides it through crude jokes and sarcasm. It is also shown he truly cares for Evan but does not know how to show it.

Evan Hansen Edit

The self-proclaimed "insanely cool" Jared Kleinman expresses that he is not Evan's friend, and is instead a "family friend," and only talks to him because his parents won't pay for his car insurance if he doesn't. However, as the play progresses and Evan asks him to help with the fake emails, Jared starts showing that he cares more than he says, and he is a true friend of Evan. He and Evan bond over making this fake identity for Connor, and it becomes clear that Jared doesn't have many friends of his own. When the Connor Project disbands, Jared is shown to be angry at Evan and yells "Fuck you Evan! Asshole," before storming off.

Zoe Murphy Edit

He is seen in The Murphy's house during Disappear when Evan is proposing the Connor project and suggests that Zoe's jazz band play a song. He says, "Great idea, Evan," sarcasm laced through his voice, and when Evan thanks him, he responds, "No sweat."

Additionally, during Act 2, he invites Evan over to steal alcohol from his parents. Evan declines, saying he has to "help the Murphys," and when Zoe then comes onstage, she greets him before giving Evan a peck on the cheek. He says, "Look at you, helping the Murphys," before stalking away.

Quotes Edit

  • ”kiNkY” - Act I (During "Sincerely Me")
  • "Oh yeah, one of those SECRET EMAIL ACCOUNTS! For sending pictures of your penises to each other!" - Act I
  • "There is nothing UNREALISTIC about the love one man feels for another!" - "Sincerely, Me"
  • "Is it weird to be the first person in history to break their arm from jerking off too much, or do you consider that an honor?" - Act I
  • "Holy shit. Holy fucking shit." - Act I
  • "His parents think you were lovers, you realize that right?" - Act I
  • "So you say what you need to say, and you play who you need to play, AND IF SOMEBODY'S IN YOUR WAY, CRUSH THEM AND LEAVE THEM BEHIND!" - "Good For You"
  • "Have you ever seen a woman run on a treadmill?"- The novel
  • "NO." - In "Sincerely, Me"
  • "What are you, like, an acorn?!" Act I
  • "Connor, lovin' the new hair length, very school shooter chic." - Act I
  • “Weird sex letter” - Talking about what the letter is after he finds out about Connor stealing it.
  • "Oh, I think it's hilarious. I think everyone would probably think it's just hilarious."- "Good for you" dialogue
  • "YOU WHAT?! I can't believe you tried to kiss Zoe Murphy! On her brother's bed! After he died!"- Act I
  • "Okay, please stop hyperventilating," - Act I
  • "Do you need a paper bag?" - Act I
  • "Fine, You're a dick." - Act I
  • "Who says that?'' - Act I
  • “My sisters hot. (What the hell?) (My bad.)” - "Sincerely, Me"

Trivia Edit

  • Jared is canonically Jewish, as evidenced by his Hebrew name as well as a line in the script that references his family celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Jewish new year.
  • It is speculated that Jared is LGBTQ+ because of his many jokes surrounding homosexuality.
  • Jared goes to summer camp as his friends there are referenced as his "real friends".
  • The fandom has headcanoned Jared eats bath bombs that stemmed from the Tumblr "Lov the Cronch" memes.
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