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Larry Murphy

Larry has been emotionally distant from all three of his family members. He seems to not get along with his son, Connor, having him and Zoe berate Connor for getting high on drugs before High School. When Cynthia and he confronted Evan about their friendship, he mostly just wants to be there to make his wife think he misses him. During "For Forever", however, he has been shown to have been a good father in the past, playing with Connor and Zoe with a toy plane; he later accidentally crashes said plane into the river. During "To Break in a Glove" it is mentioned has bought Connor a baseball glove in the past, but Connor never used it. He then becomes a important part of Evan’s life by becoming his father figure. Larry and his wife, Cynthia had offered Evans and his mother Connors saved up money because they saw Evan as their non-biological son.


Cynthia Murphy

The wife of Larry.

Connor Murphy

The deceased son of Larry.

Zoe Murphy

The daughter of Larry.


  • Larry Murphy is widely regarded by the fandom as the worst character within Dear Evan Hansen, as well as the second worst father within modern musical theater -- second only to Jeremy's Dad in the fan-favorite musical Be More Chill. This is due to his duet with Evan Hansen, titled "To Break in a Glove". This song brings nothing to the overall story besides adding to the musical's overall run time -- time which could have (and should have) been spent fleshing out actually interesting and well-rounded characters, such as Jared Kleinman, Zoe Murphy, or Alana Beck.
  • Larry's duet song "To Break in a Glove" is the most skipped song on the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack because it is just so fucking terrible. This is confirmed by Spotify and Apple Music streaming numbers, as well as anyone with functioning ears.
  • Larry is widely headcanoned as homophobic by the Dear Evan Hansen fandom! 🏳️‍🌈🚫
  • In a now deleted Twitter thread, writer Justin Paul confirmed that during his college years, Larry Murphy was convicted of and charged with vehicular manslaughter and a DUI while out drunk driving with friends. This fatal accident resulted in the death of a family of 4, including a toddler below the age of two. While he was let out on bail and sentenced to 7 years probation due to his family's close ties to local law enforcement, Larry Murphy has struggled to live with the effects of his actions, and as described by Paul, "is why he was so closed off after Connor's suicide." Paul continued, saying, "He truly believed that Connor was taken from him due to his actions as a young adult. And in many ways, I think he's right. [Larry] selfishly took the lives of a young family of 4, and so as repayment, he later lost his own son. Two families, now destroyed and forever traumatized. It's kind of poetic, really."
    • Paul deleted this twitter thread around three minutes after publishing, and thus no screenshots exist.