The Connor Project

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The Connor Project was a project created by Evan, Jared and Alana in-order to keep Connor's memory alive in the school, along with other students who were going through the same pain he was. The project was first created by Evan, however, Alana claimed the position as founder of the project and made him co-founder.

Evan tells the school about the project in "You Will Be Found" during a memorial service, which was for Connor. Someone had recorded the whole speech and had posted it online. Alana and Jared then go to tell Evan about the video, and that the project has gained more followers each day. Alana and Evan then created a fundraiser to help reopen the abandoned apple orchard that Evan and Connor spend time at. It costed $50, 000 dollars in total.

During "Good For You", Alana has given up on the Connor Project and claims that the emails were faked. Evan shows the letter that he wrote to himself to her, and claims that the letter was Connor's suicide note. Alana then posts it on the website, which causes people to target the Murphy family, claiming that they were the ones that caused him to commit suicide.

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